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the micro chip

In 2016 it will become a legal requirement for ALL dogs to be micro chipped.    

It will be a legal requirement for all pups to be micro chipped, by 8 weeks of age, and the chip registered in the first instance in the name of the breeder.   I have been trained by Peddymark as a microchip implanter, and have been implanting microchips into my own and friends’ pups for some years now.microchip implanter Although the needle for the microchip looks huge, it is very sharp, and the majority of pups do not even seem to notice what is happening. The chip itself is very small.micro chip There are also mini chips available now for implanting into very small breeds.     

With my own pups, I chip at around 7 weeks of age, so that the chip has settled before they go off to their new homes.   It is possible for a chip to move, though this is not common, and very rarely a chip may come out altogether, but normally it stays pretty much where it is put. It is important not to rub the back of the neck, and not to let pups play roughly together and rag each other for 48 hours after the chip has been implanted. This is to allow time for the chip to settle, and often when a chip has moved it is because these basic precautions have not been observed.

 I offer a reasonably priced service, either at my home, or for a mileage charge I will come out to your home, within a 20 mile radius of Lydney, Forest of Dean. I will register the chips online, within 24 hours of insertion, with Petlog, and from April 2016 they must be registered in your name as the breeder, and then transferred to the new owners, by the breeder, when the pups are sold.  Up until that time I can register the chips either in your name or the new owners name providing you can supply me with all of the relevant information on the new owners.    

It is important that you are able to recognise each individual  puppy in a litter at the time of chipping, and afterwards, either by individual markings, or by different coloured collars, to ensure the correct chip details go with the correct pup.  pups for micro chip

Where pups are already kennel club registered the chip number will be married up with the KC registration number, so it is imperative that these numbers tie up correctly.    

If you are ever in any doubt as to which chip relates to which pup, you are welcome to bring the pups to me and I will scan them for you to confirm which chip is in which pup free of charge.    

You can download a copy of the detailed information I will need to register the chips online from the link on the left of this page one form per pup, or I can provide forms to be completed at the time of chipping.   ( If registering all pups in your name your contact details only need to be completed on one form, but a separate form is needed to complete each pups details.)