puppy services

pregnancy ultrasound scan

Scanning your bitch to find out if she is in pup or not, is a safe and completely pain free procedure. While it is not necessary to be a vet in order to scan a bitch, it does help to have training, and I have been trained by VIS, and passed their level one training.

 It can be very useful to know early on if she is pregnant or not, to allow you to adjust her diet and exercise accordingly.  ultrasound scan machineIt is not possible to tell exactly how many pups she is carrying, they move about and can be missed or counted twice ! but it should be possible to say if she has a very small or very large litter, and give a guestimate of numbers. See the puppy scan to the right, The numbered 'Blobs'  are pups !    puppy ultrasound scan Put simply it just involves - if she is very hairy - shaving her tummy, smoothing on some gel, and running the ultrasound hand piece up and down to see if any pups are visible. This can be done 28 - 34 days after mating, or in some cases we can see if there is anything there even a few days earlier.   Bitches to be brought to me for scanning, as my ultrasound machine is quite heavy, and a bit fragile for much moving around.

bitch with pups scanIf we are not able to be sure at the first scan, whether or not your bitch is in pup, I am happy to do a second back up scan free of charge a week or so later, and if we decide she is in pup, then you are welcome to bring her along at intervals throughout her pregnancy - just to see how things are progressing along.

  I charge £25 for the initial scan, this is about half of what the local veterinary practices are charging, and £5 for each additional scan with the same pregnancy once confirmed. We can also save scan images and I am happy to email these to you, or if you have a device with you that can take files from a usb memory stick you can take them with you, this is all free of charge. To make an appointment or for  more details  please complete the form linked to the left of this page.